Why Video Optimization Is Important For SEO?

Videos are fantastic when it comes to marketing and they offer a new spin in ways to sell and promote your products. However, there are many factors to consider when making a marketing video and many businesses will not properly conduct a video for marketing purposes, such as SEO. Video and SEO go hand-in-hand and through some easy tips, you can make your SEO twice as effective with videos. Not many people know how to optimize a video for SEO and are not sure why it is important. SEO is a complicated task and it requires many different techniques. Video optimization is one of these many techniques and through this article, it will become clear why you need to start optimizing your videos for SEO.

Easy to Rank

It has been a common sighting that videos are ranking significantly higher than websites, and with a small tweak in their on-page optimization, you can see great results. One study even found that videos are over 30 times more likely to outrank a website/article and there are a number of methods that allow you to optimize your videos to get good rankings. One of these methods involves interlinking your YouTube videos. Post the link of a previous video in the description of the new video and you will begin to stack the domain of YouTube. From this, you can start building up a great authority and achieve higher rankings in Google.

Helps Websites Rank

As well as being easy to rank individually, videos also help websites and articles rank if they are added correctly. By correctly, you need to be embedding relevant, quality videos into your articles. Google judges the quality of articles based on the media that is present inside so you need to make sure you have plenty of content in regards to photos and videos to help you rank. Make sure that the video content is high quality and that it keeps the audiences’ attention. If you have a poor quality video you will encourage bounces which can hurt your rank. 

Gets You More Exposure

If you make a high-quality video you need to be posting it on YouTube. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and through using it to rank your videos you can obtain more exposure through organic searches. This enables you to be found a lot easier and on more applications, and significantly helps you close sales and make more conversions. You need to be optimizing your videos on YouTube through including relevant keywords and detailed descriptions. Also, make sure you have high-quality content that gets lots of engagement as this is a method YouTube employs to judge the quality of your videos.


Using video is a fantastic way to improve your marketing strategy and achieve higher search results on Google. Video marketing is definitely becoming an important media stream to use when performing SEO and it can significantly help your rankings on both Google and YouTube. Through applying the correct methods you can achieve great results, and the list above provides a number of factors to explaining why you need to optimize your videos. Through appropriate training and knowledge, you will be able to make more sales and get massive results through using videos in your techniques.…